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Solarguard is a revolutionary new reflective insulation product that combines a high-performance fiberglass core with durable reinforced facing materials on the exposed side and a reflective foil film on the back side. These materials used in Solarguard offer the very best fire performance of any reflective insulation material in the market today and top thermal performance. Insulation reduces the amount of heat transfer into or out of a building, whether it is a post frame building, metal building or your home. The second law of thermodynamics teaches us that HEAT goes to COLD. This transfer of heat to cold occurs by one of the following modes of heat transfer: CONDUCTION, CONVECTION or RADIATION



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Fiberglass insulation alone only addresses the conduction and convection modes of heat transfer. Solarguard uses a fiberglass core to slow heat transfer through conduction and convention but also has a highly reflective foil backer film to address the RADIATION mode of heat transfer. Use of the right insulation product assures comfort, reduced energy consumption and improved condensation control. Solarguard is just such a product  
Physics of Foil  
Solar Guard vs Fiber Glass
Solar Guard vs Bubble Pac
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ASTM - R value test results



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